Fiberglass doors provide a strong corrosion and chemical resistance in many different environments. Most any moist environment will require a tough FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) door to provide a long service life. Each door includes a fiberglass gel coat applied to the door surface for a positive seal to eliminate any mold or mildew risk. This gel coat layer is the primary defense against chemicals or water attack for mold. Layers of glass mat and roving, saturated with resins complete the laminate materials to seal the door from corrosive agents. Over the gelcoat is a Urethane topcoat to provide the color and final finish. These corrosion resistant doors provide years of service with a reliable clean operation.

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Impact doors are swinging doors that open in both directions. They are very tough doors made to withstand the abuse of carts, dollies, forklifts or people opening hundreds of times a day. Since they open both ways, these doors usually have a window and are well lit on both sides to prevent collision. Impact doors are manufactured from high strength composite materials to maximize service life. To auto-close Impact Doors utilize gravity hinges to alleviate springs or hydraulics for the door to return to the closed position.

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Pass-Thru Doors are small doors that are used to pass-thru small objects from one side of a wall to another for controlled environments. These are often used as labs pass-thru doors, medical facilities or clean rooms. Clean room doors are key to minimizing the problem of particle contamination. These applications can be very specialized depending on your building requirements.

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