The Fiberglass reinforced doors provide a chemical resistant barrier often used for lab doors, pharmaceutical doors, refineries, hospital doors, marine, manufacturing and also restaurant doors for food prep areas. Ideal for restaurant that need waterresistant doors to facilitate easy wash-down cleaning and maximum sterility. Often paired with a chemical resistant door frame, CDMS offers a variety of door choices for caustic or sterile areas. Long lasting with choice of colors these doors can provide value and appeal for most any application.


  • Polymer Reinforcement Blocks
  • Fiberglass Tube Stile and Rail
  • FRP Edge Strips
  • Phenolic Impregnated Draft Honeycomb Core
  • Fiberglass Tube Midrail
  • Factory Machined Mortise Hinges
  • Optional Door lights, vision kits
  • Factory Machined for Specified Lockset
  • Optional Privacy Louvers
  • 25mil Gelcoat with Urethane Topcoat Finish
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